Dekoratif Kaplamaları MICROCEMENT Sistemleri ile Yeniden Tanımlıyoruz

Good old epoxy applications has taken a huge step forward with us. 

We are a specialist flooring company which is dedicated to commercial and endustrial floor conceps. We have our own experienced application staff but also do cooperate with designers and artists when there is a need for a specialist work. 

We feel happy with what we have been doing, believing that we add value on ordinary floors with our applications by using epoxies, polyurethanes and cement based flooring systems. 

We are also able to provide all the best quality construction chemicals ranging from waterproofing materials to ceramic adhesives due to our well known manufacturing suppliers such as Fox Bau, Sika and Ardex. 

Looking forward to talking with you. 

Best Regards, 


Kerem SAN 

General Manager